Monday, April 23, 2018

Suicide was actually premeditated murder

    Ok so apparently with the lengths you are going to conceal the murder of our son which includes getting people my son thought were friends to help you and your girlfriend cover up the premeditated murder of my son Christian Taylor and includes Alec Vigil,Nikki Dorer,Sam Bean,Jeff Morder,your drug dealer Zeke,Christian’s younger sister Katelynn and a few others let them see what can happen by aiding you in covering up what you did to my son and It almost worked but you were busted when your crackwhore let it slip about what you said that day that turned the whole thing on its head and show the premeditated acts you did/are still doing to cover it up and sadly to say your about as dumb as a box of rocks because you involved a minor that you are in no way shape for form related to you and have continuously encouraging her to be mouthy and disrespectful to her mom and even after her mother told her to not speak for her 
EVER again you being so deseperate to get away with his murder your dragging her down with you like you are everyone else which is great for me and sucks for you because now the Feds will have no choice but to take the case over and your BFF Sheriff Diggs and his lackies will not only lose the case due to his good ole boy club BS BUT the Feds have no choice but to take over because of one teeny tiny blunder on your part.
 OK MASSIVE Blunder and I plan on pushing  for every single moron that helped you cover up and hide the fact that you committed premeditated murder and have done everything possible to hide it and I mean EVERYONE that’s gone above and beyond to help you hide his murder be charged with the EXACT same charges your facing as well and that will include our daughter as well and not family living in house or not and your Boy Sheriff Diggs will have to explain to his constituants why there is a multimillion dollar lawsuit against his department for the death of Christian Taylor that will only be settled when you and your cronies are prosecuted for my son’s premeditated murder and believe you me when I say I have more than enough evidence to convict every one of ya’ll 2 faced lying twits,my son thought you were his friends but you only want to help Kevan whom is a lazy homeless POS Christian had more integrity in his pinky than you’ll ever have in your entire body!.....

:::::Some people may think that they need to be present at a crime or have an active hand in it in order to face serious charges. Many people find out too late, however, that you can be charged with a serious crime even if you were aware of the crime after it has already occurred or were simply present as it was being planned. Suddenly, those who may have not had an actual hand in the crime may find themselves facing serious charges simply because they were present at some point before or after the fact.
The specific penalties you face depend on your level of involvement as well as the seriousness of the crime. For the most serious of offenses, you can face significant jail time and significant penalties depending on how much you actually knew about the crime when they came to you for help::::::::
And by breaking ONE very distinct law,you made it easy for the feds!

Suicide or Murder? You tell me.

What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2016

I find it totally in distaste that you ,who had not been involved in Christian's life since 06, publically claim you knew your son, NO you did not KNOW who he was OR what he was about,you sent a 6'3" teen carpenter pants and he had been wearing skinny jeans for over 2 years,He loved raising money for the Ronald McDonald house,Do you know the names of his best friends or his girlfriend ? Do you know what music he listened to? what college he wanted to attend? What he wanted to do for his career? Who his fave Auntie and Uncle were?

 So stop trying to act like you knew him when he never refered to you after you broke his heart by saying you were too busy to drive to spartanburg after I had driven ALL the way from Killeen,but no worries they had a ball at sharon and mikes.

Oh and I never talked to you about that Christmas break He did and he made the arrangements and then when he called you from Spartanburg YOU told HIM you didnt have time!!

And he had the rights to be pissed off

  I also find it in poor taste that you publically post that I am sue happy,but then your wife  put it publicly I wonder if his dad was on it, Well DUH Moron, he as your son of course you were! She also lied saying chris needed help he had problems with his schoolwork and I did nothing,Christian was on an IEP since 2001 and I had attended a meeting 3 weeks prior to his death about the kids that were harrassing Christian in school I had multiple meetings and conversations about the bullying!

And further more Christian DID NOT DIE because of me, you couldn't say that to my face because you know damn well I would've throttled your ass AND further more when you said it Tristan was listening and then the coward you are you hung up,BUT No matter how pissed off or angry at you I would never tell you that,when you said you put your scumbag self right into the same group as the the kids that bullied Christian.your a jerk and you blame everything on me,nice try I know what I did and I know what YOU didnt do ,So stop telling people you knew Christian, ANDY knew him not you !

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why everyone is done with William.

William seems to think that he is more important in the family than his other siblings in his family and that he can speak to me in a disrespectful manner treating everyone like crap when infact he can not and everyone in the family is done with his crap,and yet he continues to lie ,allow his bitch to call me a kunt,yes she need not attend college because she doesn't know how to spell a simple 4 letter word what she needs to do is head back to high school and learn how to spell the right way because when you call someone a cunt but spell it kunt is makes you look like exactly what you are,an idiot whom hasn't grown into her big girl panties!,His bitch needs to be muzzled, as long as she runs her mouth screaming in the background to let him speak to his dad, when infact he doesn't want to speak to William due to the bullshit William has caused, now His bitches father may think William is telling the truth about everything but hey intelligence is an obvious lacking component in that family and when the real William comes out and it will,THEY like everyone else that William is a liar ,self embellisher. William can NOT even be trustworthy which is the very reason I refused to let my husband cosign because William is not a trustworthy person and he would fuck his dad over in a heartbeat ,just as he did to Tristan, when he borrowed money and never paid it back which is why when he tried conning Gregg out of money Tristan called him and let him know what William had done to him and that indeed William was NOT homeless but lying to get money causing Gregg to be extremely pissed that he would lie to him to get money but it didn't surprise me ,I knew he would .

What he doesn't get is no one wants to talk to him because everyone is done with the lies he tells , extreme lies he post online such as he races 450 Motocross with a 300 EX that hasn't been outfitted to race and has not run since 2012 and he brags on his snapchat in 2014 when moved to South Carolina as the picture where he stated his bike is dirty,it isn't ,and he hasn't ridden it since 2012 in Anthony NM where he killed it after a day of riding and we (his parents ) have not had the money to fix it and it is still sitting in my garage .

  while living in VA after Christians suicide He and his older brother Tristan would sneak out of the house in the middle of the night never realizing their Uncle Mike was smoking across the street hidden watching them go out the window and leave running the roads in the middle of the night at ages way to young to be and the lesson learned could've caused them to lose their freedom forever if not for myself and my husband.

 In our family we don't just abandon people unless there is an obvious reason where just a small action won't help,and small actions have gone over his head,your in my home you act like you have sense and be respectful ,you ignore that then punishment is issued punishment doesn't help then you had better be prepared because the checks your mouth is writing can't be cashed with your ass and now you have put yourself in a corner started yourself a pity party crying oh poor poor me they just left me ,won't talk to me and I don't know why.... BULLSHIT you know why ,and your dealings as an ignorant disrespectful brat (if your momma was alive she would've kicked your ass all OVER  for talking the way you have AND she would've straightened out your bitch for being just as disrespectful,and hear this anything she says makes her look like the stupid little disrespectful person she is and you both can say you didn't email or anything but it shows her email addy ,so STOP CONTACTING US, WE DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU! YOU HAVE A FAMILY with Keith there will be NOTHING coming from this family You buried yourself when you made threats in emails and played the boohoo game change your name grow a beard join the Military (which won't happen when they run your background ) do WHATEVER we are DONE with you!!!! can you get that and stop telling people we just left you, you had moved out you were 18 you were told to stop the behavior you didn't so now the GI bill is in use by someone who DESERVES it and did so by showing they had what it took to be a productive citizen and family member oh and take the MMI certificates down, you are no longer accepted there because you have no way to pay for it a problem that you and ONLY you caused !
   I really do not care how much you lie about me or whatever you decide to lie about (EXCEPT when it comes to my son's 300EX if I keep seeing it, I will continue to call you out right along with Tristan ,Gregg,and Faith even though the lie is laughable and the dude was so stupid to believe it,you will NOT DISRESPECT MY SON's MEMORY or their brothers memory ,your not his brother your just a jackass that passed through his life ! 

We have rules in this house,everyone else follows them and has no problem,for whatever reason you think your more special than anyone else is this house (THAT is NOT how I Roll,Ive never changed or shown preferences with not anyone one person in this house! That will never change everyone who lives in this house knows that also and we work together ,we have fun, but they obey the rules )

how he got kicked out perm
This will prove I am correct and once you see it you will SEE it.....
On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 3:01 PM, Britney Woodbury <> wrote:
Hey dad just wanna say you broke a promise the promise you made to me and my mom I just wanna say now I'm living on the streets I hope it's nice knowing that.... And I just wanna say thank you for messing up my everything my hope and dream to become a motorcycle mechanic and Ik my mom is mad at you, you promised to always take care of us and you leave me stranded. Thanks very much pops thanks very fucking much dad........

He tried guilting dad when Dad found out about the GI Bill she had been gone for 3 years ,William fucked his own self ,he was told to watch his mouth abide by rules ,He is a self serving little bitch who blames anyone and everyone EXCEPT himself ..
AND Tristan Taylor you can verify this the first real paying job wasn't until Walterboro,Me ?? really bitch like raising your fucking ass was easy ,this also goes back to Anthony when you and Gregg were talking about moving and all he would say is he would be happy when HE turned 18 and could move out.....Everyone in the house was happy he moved out....This one right here pissed dad off BIG TIME!!! He has her family eating up all the lies ,but it is seeming to be unraveling on its own Karma exist ,but I will say this ,He will NEVER move back in with us EVER so if it goes south he can tap his mom's side cuz this shit is not going to happen ANYMORE... Oh and yes PLEASE DO IT WITHOUT DAD.......We are still waiting for that bullshit to happen, and I am willing to bet it won't Will talks a good game but doesn't ever seal the deal!
On Sunday, October 4, 2015 5:17 PM, Britney Woodbury <> wrote:
Lazy really I'm not lazy and yeah my dad had an heart attack but yet know one could contact me and let me know fuck you Lisa let me talk to my dad he wants to talk to me and don't worry Lisa you should be going to court very soon keep drinking your beer and your gonna die and tbh I can't wait because I want my dad back
Lisas Son Christian First of all this is NOT William's 300EX it WAS my son Christian's who died in 2010,and it hasn't run since we were stationed @ Fort Bliss TX ,this picture was taken in South Carolina after his dad was medically retired from the US Army, AND William hasn't ever raced it,he has never raced it and it hasn't been running for several years everything he said about this on instagram is a lie....
94 weeks ago
U call that dirty u havent been muddin have you tongue emoticon
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94 weeks ago
Tbh yes I have but let me open the engine and air intake ect
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94 weeks ago
From my last me motor cross race the 450 class
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94 weeks ago
And that's after I washed it from the racw@
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94 weeks ago
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94 weeks ago
Wash rack
(that isn't a wash rack it was bricks that made up a place where we could keep the 4wheelers we have since moved and the 4 wheelers are here with us there are people who can be asked about William's "Racing Career" which does not exist at all his older brothers Gregg and Tristan Taylor all about that....

LikeReply2 hrs
Lisas Son Christian AND William has never raced it the picture he put up was taken in SC it hasn't ran since 2012 that is in 2013.....

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Missing you


Oh poppi,
I wish you,my gorgeous Italian son was here, doing the things we were suppose to do on your 21st BD,but your not and it doesnt make me love you anyless.... You were my sweet loving Italian sweetheart of a son and someone took all the years I taught you about life away in 5 short months...You could've kicked their asses in a new york second,Ive seen you do it but due to my golden rule you did not want to fight....

   So Handsome and So Loving and so missed......

Live today as if it is your last day....

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Love,My son.....

 My love,My son.

I love you so much and I miss you so much more!
You were Hunter's Bestie and Faith's loving Big Brother!
Our lives have turned so upside down and I cant stop my heart from
breaking every day.
  I hope you are ok and you know I love you and miss you I hope Nanna and Pappaw are there and taking care of you and your Uncle Adam is there smiling at the brazen nephew he never got to meet......
I love you forever more
Love Mum....

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Hardest things.

The hardest things about Christian's death, are the struggle with the question ,Who would he have become with my guidance in his life?
(I think I did ok,except for teaching him to sustain from physical confrontation,I wish I had told him to kick their asses) He was so talented as a boarder and was a sponsored boarder in Killeen by his skate store and his wild dedication to the sport and had met many pro and non-pro boarders on Hood.....
Missing his morning kiss on the cheek ,quick hug and I love you Mom on the way out the door to school AND seeing how he was with his baby sister and brother and had no problem showing he loved them.! thats not all there are more but those are the top reasons when you lose your child to bullying it is not a natural death or an accident no childs death is ok.
 I loved you then I love you still Always have and always will.....

Never can I be at peace, your silence speaks volumes in our family,the way you loved and were loved is missed and I will never stop fighting...